Information Packet for New Models

Most new models trying their hand in the modeling scene, often don't know what to expect or how to prepare for a modeling session. I usually then fumble around looking up various information on the internet for them to read up on, to help clarify things. But it always feels a bit cumbersome at first, so I decided to put together my own info packet right here - sort of a one stop shop for how I, as a professional photographer, work with models when helping them build their portfolios.

Terminology UsedJust like any other industry, there is special lingo used that can be confusing to someone not versed in the meaning. Below is a list of a few items you'll see the most, and their meanings TFP - Time For Print, Trade For Print: Is a term used to describe an arrangement between a photographer and model, where the photographer agrees to donate his time to provide the model with photos and a limited license to use those photos in return for the models time.TFCD - Time For CD, Trade For…

If no one is around to witness something happen, did it happen?

Like most people I think, when I turn in for the night, no matter how tired I am, I never fall immediately to sleep.  Instead, my mind wanders around to various thoughts and things – often times about things going on in my life, sometimes silly stuff, and also quite often – things that are mystic and philosophical (I think that’s the right word?). 
Things like, what is the whole purpose of existence?  Not just our existence – but existence in general.  Why is there a Mercury, Mars, Earth, Venus, and all the other planets?  Why are there stars, 10’s of thousands of light years away, and billions more like it, and billions more not like it, burning and shining away in the universe – for us? Why? Which of course leads to the question of why are WE here as well?  If no one is around to witness something happen, did it actually happen then?  So are we here then just to be witness of existence?
Why are we slaves to money? Our lives don’t belong to us – we are not free at all, not really. Wh…

Popcorn, anyone?

I've been struggling trying to find something interesting to write about, and thought, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with photography or art, why not do a piece about harvesting this years corn crop? It's a change of pace atleast.

This years corn harvest started yesterday afternoon when the first two wagon loads of corn were taken out of the field. The corn needs to be down to a 15% moisture content in order to keep it from molding and spoiling in the storage bins.  Unfortunately, the corn is testing just a couple points over 21% right now as it comes out of the combine. So... In the drier it has to go...

The drier is a funny contraption. Sort of a cross between a really large gas grill, and a really large hot air popcorn popper.  In operation, you just fill it up with wet corn, ignite a large gas burner, and force the hot air through the corn as the corn is continuously cycled through the drier - pretty much just like a hot air popcorn popper! 😊

Once the corn r…

For the love of the game...

I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 14 years, and during that period of time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a multitude of various genres including weddings, senior portraits, hundreds of nature type photos like sunsets, sunrises, birds, bugs, flowers, trees, lakes, and streams.  But by far the vast majority of the photos I take, and continue to take, have been those of horse show events - 10’s of thousands of photos each year!
I’ve met, and gotten to know, quite a few people who either visit or participate at these events, and one thing that I admire the most about my horse friends, is their shared love for their animals and sport. They don’t always agree with each other, and sometimes they don't even get along with each other, but through it all they all share the same passion, and I envy that.

A WWII Soldier's View of the India-Burma-China Theatre

Yesterday being the anniversary of D-Day, the day when the allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy during WWII, it prompted me to dig out some old photos that my Mother had from when her Brother, my Uncle, was in the war. He was stationed in the Burma-India-China theatre.  He drove supply trucks on the "Burma Road" and the "Stilwell Road (Ledo Road)" up into China, and apparently, he also took a lot of photos.  Perhaps this is where I inherited my love of photography from?!?

My Addiction...

An idea, a spark... Something that will make people really look...
My mind visualizes the outcome, long before we begin... The planning, the searching, then the right person walks in... Talking to them, presenting my ideas... Hoping that my words can paint the same picture inside their mind...

I Really Love My Job!

You know... The thought crossed my mind today, that I really do love my "job!"  I placed the word job in quotes, because unlike any other job I've ever had, this one doesn't feel like a job at all!

My Interview with Art Model, Dekilah

A few days ago, a "ModelMayhem Edu" post came across my Facebook news feed that I read and found to be very interesting! The article was titled "8 Considerations for Potential Nude Models" and it was written by Art Model, Dekilah.  As the title suggests, it listed 8 important things that models should think about or consider before deciding to become a nude model.